What are the objectives of the future European Network of Coaches for social inclusion?

The European Network of Coaches for social inclusion is one of the main Future ++ outputs. It aims at becoming a forum for new methodologies and tools to explore, experiment and test innovative approaches to addressing social challenges.  

Future ++ project addresses the issue of improving coaching skills through European co-operation to promote social inclusion.  Specifically, the European Network of Coaches will be a useful tool in order to allow:  

  • Partner organisation to collect, analyse and discuss comparable knowledge across European countries
  • The promotion of best practices in all participating Member States in order for EU citizen to benefit from the state-of-the-art best practices 
  • Focus on cross-border threats in order to reduce risks and mitigate their consequences 

The Future ++ European Network for social inclusion is designed to advance development and to deliver scalable and transferable solutions for promoting a more empowering climate and making youth sport a real tool of social inclusion. In this way, the network become a concrete tool able to promote social inclusion and volunteering in European sports clubs. 

The Future ++ European Network of Coaches for Social Inclusion will soon be available on our website! Stay tuned for more news!

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