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Throughout the research and based on the results of the project, we have confirmed that the training of sports technical personnel is one of the key issues to promote social inclusion in and through sport. It is important to emphasize how, after analyzing existing training programs in different European countries, we have observed a plausible reality: there are still few specific training programs on sport as a tool for the inclusion of young people of low socioeconomic level. For this reason, working to promote and consolidate training in the sports field as a tool for social transformation must be a priority issue.

The previous study and analysis of existing training programs and the review of the state of the art has made it possible to define the key topics to be addressed in these training programs. These include aspects such as: knowledge to recognize situations of inequality and discrimination; strategies to give access to sport to young people of low socioeconomic level and to overcome the practical barriers they encounter (time, costs, transportation, etc.); resources to unite the group and reinforce the self-esteem of young people through sports practice; tools to facilitate communication and create the appropriate learning context; and knowledge of the key aspects to promote social justice through sport as well as examples of good practices and teaching methodologies that facilitate inclusion and cooperation.

Sport is another tool to promote the socialization and inclusion of people with a high risk of social exclusion. We believe that conducting training in this area is truly enriching and transformative for society as a whole. Making sport an accessible practice, free of barriers and harm is everyone’s responsibility.

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