The last Tuesday, 28th of November, the Future++ team presented the development and main outcomes of the project ‘Sports and Social Inclusion: Future for Children FUTURE++’ in the Final Conference in Barcelona, at the FCBarcelona 1998 Auditorium.

The conference started with the welcome of the FCB Foundation members and a short introduction of the previous Future+ project by Gisela Gorriz. Then, the partners from INEFC and TUM explained the research cycle of the project, the diagnosis and the European-based Coach Program. After a short coffee break, team members from CEIPES and the Municipality of Lousada developed the results of the project and the designed tools: the e-learning platform and European Network, and also the results of the pilot test.

The event finished with an open discussion with different professionals from the sport field: Maria Rovira, sport director of Sport2live; Gonzalo Flores, teacher and investigator of the PE and Sport Department of the University of Sevilla and Juan Carlos Ramos, president of Federació Catalana de Lluita i co-founder of the Club de Lluita Olímpica La Mina. At the end some questions were made to the Future++ Team.

The whole conference was a big success and the audience were really excited about the project!

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