Discover the team members of Future for Children ++ coming from Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain: 

  • GEDI is a non-profit and social initiative cooperative association that provides business alternatives based on human and social values as an alternative to capital-money. Its main focus are projects revolving around guardianship of minors, women and children in situation of vulnerability, social cohesion and promotion of cooperativism as a means of social initiative.

  • Club La Mina includes the “Club Lluita Olimpica La Mina”, “Associació Esportiva Forum La Mina” and “Club Gimnastia La Mina”. It is a reference at national level because of their mission in social cohesion through sports and their results.

  • CEIPES is a non-profit European organization with antennas in more than 8 European countries. CEIPES’ work is inspired by the principles and values of peace and nonviolence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, respect for the environment, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social inclusion, respect, tolerance and interculturality.

  • The Technical University of Munich (TUM) is one of Europe’s top universities. It is committed to excellence in research and teaching, interdisciplinary education and the active promotion of promising young scientists. The university also forges strong links with companies and scientific institutions across the world.

  • CRE.THI.DEV. is a Non for Profit Company that actively promotes youth, cultural and entrepreneurial projects and the dissemination of information on specialized subjects that promote equal opportunities, quality of life and strengthen social cohesion.

  • INEFC, The National Institute for Physical Education in Catalonia, is the center of higher education whose mission is the training, specialization and improvement of graduates in physical education and sport, and scientific development of and the dissemination of their research work or studies.

  • NEFINIA is a private entity whose members are European citizens and organizations interested in supporting regional development activities. Nefinia’s mission is to consistently provide innovative high quality services that improve the quality of life in urban and rural areas by supporting and promoting experience sharing between its members and partners.

  • The Barça Foundation supports children and youth from the most vulnerable groups through sports and education, for the purpose of contributing to a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

  • The Municipality of Lousada is an institution of local public administration. It aims to pursuit the interests of the population in the territorial space of Lousada Council. The city assumes itself as the center of the region denominated Vale do Sousa since it is situated in its geographic center. It has approximately 50.000 inhabitants that are distributed within the 25 parishes of Lousada. 

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