What happens in the mind of a child who is struggling to feel accommodated in our society? What do they feel living in disadvantaged neighbourhoods? Where do they get stuck? The inclusion process remains invisible to us as citizens but it is vital to build up a better society. In order to address the needs of children who have a difficult time to feel included and engaged in society, over the years we have turned to sports to help make children’s inclusion process viable. That is, participation in sports plays a valuable role in the development of children – aspects of teamwork, dedication, discipline, physical fitness, self-esteem, and fair play not only all contribute to the overall growth and maturation of young people but also to channel social integration. 

Future for Children ++ aims to promote, develop and share a European evidence-based coach education programme that could help coaches foster quality motivation and make sport not only engaging, empowering, and enjoyable but also a tool of added value for social inclusion. This is achieved by proposing a comprehensive and appropriate training related to inclusion allowing coaches to become skilful in delivering quality services to their students. 

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